Signature Designs - Ken PieperKen Pieper Signature Designs are designed with the consideration that minor modifications will take place.  Small changes such as the addition, removal or relocation of a window or door, change in building materials, or finishing a loft can easily be made by you or your builder.  Signature Designs enable you to customize a purchased plan to your specific requirements.

If you would like to contact us about the modification of plan sets, you may do by simply emailing us or calling us at: email or by phone at 303-670-0619

The Stock Plan Modification Process

Request alteration to Plan

  1. Client to download study set for creating changes to plan required by Client.
  2. Contact KPA with questions regarding the suggested alterations to plan and create a dialog between Client and KPA for a clear understanding of Client’s requirements. Email or send hardcopy of Client mark-up to KPA for review.

Alteration Fee Assessment

Upon receipt of the plan KPA will determine the cost of said modifications to plans and determine to what level of production and scope of services the Client will require.

Client Acceptance of Work Order

With the acceptance and signed approval of Work Order from Client and payments received by KPA, a KPA generated schedule form will be mailed to the Client and production of work will commence.

Schematic Design Phase

  1. A set of schematic sketches will be generated by KPA for Client approval of all alterations to plan to be sent for approval by Client.
  2. Schematic proofing by Client will be the occasion for alterations to be made to the Clients request and communicated to KPA in a written or electronic format prior to production of Construction Documents being generated.
  3. A signed and approved copy of the schematic sketches by the Client is required by KPA prior to production of the Construction Document Phase.

Proofing of Construction Documents

  1. Upon completion of the Construction Document layouts KPA will send two (2) hard copies at scale of Construction Documents to Client for final approval.
  2. Should the Client wish to make additional alterations to the Construction Documents KPA will make an assessment of such changes and determine the cost of these changes and create an additional Change Order to be approve by Client prior to KPA making said changes.
  3. Should an omission to the plans of Client’s alteration by KPA be determined, these will be specified by Client and agreed upon by KPA at this phase of production and corrected with no cost to the Client.

Project Completion

KPA, upon completion of project will create a PDF file and possible hard copies for Client if contracted for and sent to Client electronically and or two (2) day express