Ken Pieper residential designer brings to the table both years of experience and uncompromising dedication. Ken specializes in the design of extraordinary homes and has had this focus for over 35 years.


Headquartered in Evergreen, CO, Ken Pieper is President and serves clients throughout the United States. His homes are designed to complement natures’ beauty and the Clients’ personality. After his early years completing, coursework in Graphic Design and Illustration, he learned the essentials of the home design and construction industries from his father. Applying this knowledge from the ground up, he eventually found his niche in custom home design.

Since 1966, Ken’s designs have evolved to combine many elements of innovative architecture and environmental conscious designs. Mountain living is enhanced with his attention to the lay of the land in the Rocky Mountains and Denver foothills. Southern-style elegance has also been reflected in his homes in The Carolinas, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. His homes have literally been built from coast to coast.

Whether he designs in the lodge style, mountain fusion, cabin and cottage, arts and crafts, prairie craftsman or classic Adirondack, Ken strives for authenticity with a modern day adaption for ease of living. When Ken Pieper designs your home, you can be assured of an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and beauty.

My goal is to listen, understand and serve our client with my best effort-Always!”

Ken Pieper

Additionally, your home will have the added value of being energy efficient and because Ken specificies to the builder environmentally sound materials thus maintaining a minimum impact on our land. This firm commitment by Ken Pieper assures that you and your family will live in a healthy and comfortable home.

Ken creates custom home designs and plans that reflect his clients’ personalities. He focuses on their lifestyle and translates it into a design that feels like home from the first day they move in. All of his homes, regardless of size, possess a high level of quality and detail. From intimate to spacious-all are equally important to his owners and to his firm.

Gracious living is exemplified through a superior combination of luxury and function. In a Ken Pieper designed home, you can rest assured that your hobbies and lifestyle preference will be personified in each room’s function.

Interior details that reflect your unique personal flair are designed to it into interior details that reflect your unique personal flair are designed to fit into inviting niches and detail the lines of a versatile floor plan. Whether you yearn for a sun drenched solarium or the perfect wine cellar in which to taste vintage Bordeaux, he designs your home around your dreams and your reality.

Always approaching each project with an artistic sense of design, Ken is constructing the home from the ground up. How the home fits the environment is relevant in the structural aspect of each piece of the design project. This artistic approach is evident to his client in every home he designs.

He approaches the art of design with much determination but retains the commitment to the science of not only an artistic vision of what the client desires; but also a very solidly constructed home from which many years of enjoyment and security will be attained.

His construction background insures that the dedication to the structure and buildable aspects and extensive level of detail in the actual construction documents of design promote the integrity in his professional staff and the homes that the team collectively produce.

With Ken Pieper you can trust that your home will be treasured for generations to come!